Coban Guatemala
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From:   (Sun Feb 8 09:44:17 2004)
Hi Josh..thanks for all the beautiful pictures and prose..what an awesome experience loaded journey you and Heather are on. How much can one soul experience? You my son shall find out! More power to you and may your Sol rip through all boundries man has stacked up over the eons..that limit our true and God given capacity and potential. Raaise the standard! All power to the Revolution we have longed for since the dawn of creation. The angels and the Archangels are surrounding you and encouraging you. All is Light..All is bright..glance at it (Him), once in awhile.. Pop Alisabeth and Nicholas came down yesterdayand we went to The Big Sur country..Partiington..Deetjens..Vewntana..Nepenth for the sunset and cervesas. I showed Nicholas where you were born first. hugs to Heather shes an awesome partner for you on lifes adventure. Love and Love to you bot everythings going to be alllight

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